Automation is also the key
to a smart future.

With technology offices can be more efficient than ever before, allowing the automation of menial tasks, so that the staff has more time to work on worthwhile projects.

You can  switch on and off your music and TV’s automatically at the same time, dim lights for presentations and adjust and operate your screens for presentations and meetings.

Digit IT will ensure that your business is more efficient by creating solutions that will take away the worry of having to deal with technology distortions and make workplaces safer and cost effective. We will give you the complete peace of mind by offering your business a competitive advantage in improving operating efficiencies.

We will achieve this by building you a smart office ecosystem that uses the internet to combine different systems such as lighting, security, heating, sensors etc. Can you imagine controlling your lights, adjusting the temperature and arming your alarm at a press of a single button.

We offer the following
Office Automation Solutions .

  • Device Management
  • Climate Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Workplace Security
  • Smart Audio / AV

Device Management

Smart Office Automation allows for many devices to be connected into one system, which allows remote control of them, these devices can work and collect data without human interaction.

Climate Control

Smart thermostats allow for the measurement and control of temperature. This technology allows building or office managers to measure and control the interior environment of temperature, carbon dioxide levels, and humidity.

The system can automatically control the ideal working environment for employees. It can go as far as turn climate control of/on based on whether there are people in the room and control the temperature remotely. These devices work more efficiently on a timer. For in-depth control of energy consumption, we will put your systems and devices on a schedule. They will turn on when people enter a certain area and turn off when they leave.

Lighting Control

You can control the lights of a single office or automate a whole building from a centralized device, from just one touch of a button.  Digit IT will provide you with scalable systems that can integrate lighting, shading and sensors for maximum energy savings. Our intelligent lighting system will allow you to set the ambience desired of any space, as lighting has a direct effect on an employee’s productivity.

Our lighting system can also switch on and off as you enter & leave the room and be programmed just at a touch of a button, to change your lighting to dim and cozy or light and perky, depending on the occasion or time of the day.

Workplace Security

Monitor & control who should or shouldn’t have access to your company premises. Our Smart security solutions are based on voice and face recognition to tell who has entered a building and how many people are in the office overall. Let us help you protect your staff, company assets and information, by integrating our security solutions that can help you be more aware of activities taking place at your workplace based on intelligent analytics that our security system provides. Security automation can help you save money on security staff since the technology can track who is going in and out of the building and can ensure that the alarm is armed as soon as the last person leaves.

Our smart security solutions can go as far as placing trackers on high-value items   in your office or building and be alerted when these items are moved.

Automation is the key to a smart future.

Imagine quality visuals accompanied with stunning audio, that will improve the effectiveness of your virtual meetings. Digit IT creates media control solutions for your entire office using a simple device with a user-friendly interface, no more cluttered remotes and wall controls. You can set the mood throughout the office with ambient music and streamline presentations and meetings without glitches to impress your clients.

Our audio and video distribution does not compromise on quality, your video conferencing, meetings and presentations can better support communication with clients and employees. With us you will run your presentation and meetings without fumbling with multiple equipment or experiencing technical glitches. We will give you the peace of mind that will enable you to distribute audio and visuals to any room in the building just from a single device.

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