Imagine controlling your home
from a single device

At Digit-IT we aim to make your life easier by simply automating your home to a Smart Home. Imagine controlling your home from a single device, it’s a transformation you will love and appreciate!

We work with the best installers and brands to offer smart home automation solutions to make your home safe and elegant. Our team is comprised of skilled experts whose priority is to provide high quality service, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on always delivering high-end sophisticated systems and quality installation, maintaining a superior level of service from concept to long after the installation.


Smart Home Automation allows you to control & monitor your thermostat, lighting, security, outdoor living, audio & music, media rooms and outdoor living from your device. Yes, just from a single device, whether it’s from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. With an easy-to-use interface, we ensure that controlling of your home is effortless, making your life simpler, safer and convenient.

All your home components are combined into one intuitive system, offering you peace of mind by giving you access to your home, right from the palm of your hand literally from anywhere in the world.

We offer the following
Home Automation Solutions .

  • Lighting Control
  • Climate Control
  • Network
  • Security

Lighting Control

One press of a button can create the ideal atmosphere that you desire. As we know, lighting plays a major role in setting a particular mood, imagine dimming your lights to enhance those dinner evenings! Not only that, but lighting control also saves energy, and contributes

to a safe environment when linked to the security system. When linked to security, all lights can be turned on if uninvited activity is detected. From just lifting a finger, you can dim, switch on and off your lights.

The system also has a built-in astronomical time clock that knows when the sun rises or sets. The lights can automatically come off or on during sunset and sunrise.

Climate Control

Smart climate control makes it easy for you to set the perfect temperature of your home from your device. You can easily control your thermostat while away to activate the home’s

temperature just before you arrive home. You can easily schedule the system to turn on and off automatically to suit your needs.


We will provide you with a high speed and secure network that is functional and offer you a complete networking solution that satisfies all your needs. We can provide you with wired and wireless infrastructure which will allow you to connect all your devices to the internet and to each other.

No more jittering and buffering of internet connectivity, that can cause immerse frustration.

Let us help you get properly connected and start your smart home journey right – with a strong network!


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