Digit IT offers business IT
solutions that are responsive and reliable.

Digit IT offers reliable hardware, software, service, and support for all network systems.

Network systems are the hardware, software and architecture of network that realize network protocols. They need to be designed well  to meet the functional requirements specified by protocols. They also need to meet need to be efficient enough to handle the  speed of transmission links. 

At Digit IT we have the righ skills and equipment to provide your business with the most efficient  and secure netwotk system.

Digit IT is an authorised supplier of all  primary networking hardware, software and facilities.

We supply routers, switches, hubs, bridges, gateways, proxies, servers, load balancers, ethernet etc

Digit IT is an authorised installer of data and network cabling.

Switching is needed in a business network to combine all devices like computers, printers, and servers. The switch enables those devices to link and communicate with each other irregardless of their location within the business facility. Digit IT will have your small to medium business  network connected working in no time.

Do you need an experienced IT support for your business?