Our Products & Services

We offer a wide range of IT products and services which include the following:

• IT Support – Onsite and In-House

• Service Level Contracts

• Remote Support

• New Hardware Procurement of Laptops, Desktop PC’s, Servers, Networking products

• Windows Server Installations and Maintenance

• Network Cabling and CCTV – Analogue and IP Camera Systems, Access Control, Biometrics Identification / Authentication & TNA Solutions

• Office Networking

• Wireless Networking

• Virus Removal and Protection

• Hardware Upgrades

• Operating System/Factory Restore

• Software Installation and Troubleshooting

• Backup and Data Recovery

• Secure Data Wiping

• Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX Support

• Repairs

Advisory Service Consultancy

We develop dynamic IT strategies to optimize IT infrastructure and applications, assisting our clients to amplify their Corporate Strategy through a wide range of application and technology solutions.

Digit IT consulting services put the skills, experience and technical knowledge of our people at your disposal. We conduct intensive system Audits, to assess the current technology framework and identify weak spots and opportunities.


Great business comes from great ideas.

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